Conference Programme

Day 1 – Monday 27 June

9.30am – 10am – Coffee, Registration and Welcome (School of History Foyer, 3rd Floor, Michael Sadler Building (MSB))

10am  – 11.45am Panel 1 – Anti – Slavery Debates (Room 3.11 MSB)

‘Anticipating the Free Labour Everywhere and All at Once: The British Empire, 1837- 1838’ – Dr. Kate Boehme, University of Sussex.

‘In the Shadow of Slavery: Indentured Labour, British Abolitionism and Empire’ – Dr. Andrea Major, University of Leeds.

‘Faith in Free Labour: Expectations and realities of British prosperity after slavery’ – Dr. Richard Huzzey, University of Liverpool.

‘Slavery in mainland Spanish America during the Atlantic Age of Abolition: Colombia, 1810-1880’ – Marcela Echeverri, Yale University

11.45am – 12.45pm – Lunch (Room LG10 MSB)

12.45pm – 1.45pm – Keynote Lecture – ‘Service after slavery: The British West India Regiments and the ambiguities of freedom’ -Prof. David Lambert (University of Warwick). (Room LG10 MSB)

 1.45pm – 3.30pm Panel 2 – The Post-Emancipation Caribbean (Room 3.11 MSB)

‘The Barbados Emigration War’ – Dr. Alana Johnson, University of the West Indies.

‘Gender and Protest at Morant Bay and in the Post-Emancipation Caribbean’- Prof. Gad Heuman, University of Warwick.

‘Discipline by Reward: Labour Day Celebrations in Guadeloupe (1866-1880)’ – Dr. Stella Vincenot-Dash, Sarah Lawrence (New York).

‘Blue eyed slaves in Spanish Cuba: The forced labour expedition of Urbano Feijóo in 1853’ – Jesús Sanjurjo, University of Leeds. 

3.30pm – 4pm – Coffee (School of History Foyer)

4pm – 5.30pm Panel 3 – Anti – Slavery Legacies (Room 3.11 MSB)

‘Identifying a Usable Past for Tackling Modern Slavery: Heritage, Memory and Activism’ – Dr. Mary Wills, WISE, University of Hull.

‘Using the past to assess the present: activism and the slave past in historical and contemporary Cape Town’ – Samuel North, University of Hull.

‘1903-1910, Unremembered: Chinese Indentured Laborers and the Re-whitening of South Africa’ – Dr. T. Tu Huynh, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China.

5.30pm – 6.30pm – Keynote Lecture – Prof. Richard Allen (Framington University) –“Indentured Labor and the Tyranny of the Particular.” (Room LG10 MSB)

 6.30pm – 8pm – Wine and Buffet reception at the Cool!tudes Exhibitions (Room LG10 MSB)

Day 2 – Tuesday 28 June

 9.00am – 10.30am – Panel 4 – Perspectives on Forced Labour (Room 3.11 MSB)

‘Translating Slavery: Tamil and Malayalam Taxonomies of Labor in Colonial India’- Malarvizhi Jayanth, University of Chicago.

‘Making of Madras Coolies: Labour Migrations, Legislations and Resistances in Colonial South India’ – Dr. Santhosh Abraham, IIT Madras

‘Ethiopian exceptionalism? From slavery to human trafficking in Ethiopia’ – Dr Roy Love, Independent Researcher

10.30am – 10.45am – Coffee

 10.45am – 12.15pm am  Panel 5 – Experiences of Indenture (Room 3.11 MSB)

‘Indian indenture in the French Caribbean: Perspectives from French Guiana’ – Louise Moschetta, Newnham College, Cambridge.

‘Riots, Race and Rights in Late Colonial Malaysia and British Guiana’ – Dr. Sascha Auerbach, University Of Nottingham.

‘Transoceanic voyage and the coolie as cargo: shipboard experiences and the realm of the quotidian’ –  Najnin Islam, University of Pennsylvania

12.15pm-1.00pm – Lunch – School of History Foyer

1.00pm – 2.30pm – Panel 6 – Repatriation, Resettlement and Re-migration (Room 3.11 MSB)

‘Resisting Resettlement: Burma Andhra Evacuees, 1942-1952‘ – Emma C. Meyer , History Department, Emory University Atlanta, GA

‘Indentured Labour, Repatriation and British Imperial Citizenship’ – Heena Mistry, Queens University

‘“Merely adventurers”: Re-migration beyond the Indentured Archipelago and the curious case of the “Mauá Coolies”’. Reshaad Durgahee, University of Nottingham

‘Recruitment, Remigration and Intermediaries in Indian overseas labour migration’ – Prof. Crispin Bates, University of Edinburgh

2.30pm – 3.30pm – Keynote: Prof. Julia O’Connell Davidson (University of Bristol) – Politicising “Modern Slavery” Talk. (Room LG10 MSB)

3.30pm-4pm – coffee (School of History Foyer)

4pm – 5.30pm – Panel 7 – Approaches to ‘Modern Slavery’ (Room 3.11 MSB)

‘Citizenship systems and production regimes: Using critical realism to conceptualise forms of unfreedom and exploitation’ – Dr. Joe Greener, Liverpool Hope University

‘‘Indentured mobility’ of Sri Lankan migrant domestic workers: Dynamics of the Middle East-Sri Lanka migration corridor’ – Savandie Abeyratna, Liverpool Hope University.

‘Getting by in “ghetto Ghana”. A ethnographic account of the living and working experiences of a group of Ghanaian day-labourers in the Southern Italian agricultural sector’ – Gloria Carlini, University of Milano-Bicocca

Day 3 – Wednesday 29 June

9.30am – 12.30am – Labour, Migration and the Archive. A roundtable. (Room 3.40 MSB)

12.30pm – 2pm – Lunch – School of History Foyer.